Café dreaming

Living in the UK and not being exactly an outdoorsy-all-weather type of person, I spend a lot of time with my little girl in cafés. One can’t afford to be picky when accompanied by one’s not always well behaved toddler, so provide coffee and some kind of play equipment and I’m yours faster than you can say “babychino”. But in an ideal world, this is what my dream café would look like:

  • Prosecco on tap
  • Healthy snacks for the kiddos and naughty nibbles for the parents
  • A soft play thingy populated only by kids with the same age of yours (no boisterous older kids or fragile younger ones)
  • A playlist that includes Bowie and Elbow and excludes Wheels on the Bus
  • 10 variations of avocado on toast (a new obsession, totally blaming Instagram for this one)
  • Buy 1, get 3 free lattes
  • Staff that will throw in a cheeky secret Baileys shot in the above lattes if you look like you’re having on of those days.

light-heart-coffee-espressoAny entrepreneurs out there?



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