Colour pop me

I used to be a high heel lover in my previous incarnation (#hellolouboutin #whoamikidding #helloasosinthesale). Now that flats are permanently glued to my feet, I’ve been trying to find the joy in being closer to the ground and safer from ankle breakage.

I need comfortable, I need inexpensive, and cute also wouldn’t hurt. So I’ve been going back to classic brands I adore, but instead of reaching for neutral colours yet again, I’m thinking on investing in a few oldies with a colour popping twist.

Because it’s a lot more fun to look at your own feet when nobody talks to you at a playgroup if you’re wearing lime green sandals.

Processed with MOLDIV
Processed with MOLDIV
  1. Saltwater @ Office
  2. Saltwater @ Office
  3. Havaianas @ Havaianas UK
  4. Havaianas @ Sarenza
  5. Birkenstock @ Zalando
  6. Birkenstock @ Rubbersole

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