Friend + mum = mummy friend

Never underestimate the sanity saving powers of a good mum friend. She won’t mind spending hours discussing baby related issues that would send your other friends into a boredom induced coma. She will think nothing of hanging out in loud places with crappy food just because they have a bunch of sticky toys to entertain the little ones. She won’t think you’re crazy if you burst into tears for no reason, won’t judge when your kid has an epic meltdown and won’t be mad if you have to cancel last minute because of a sickness bug, fever, virus or a combination of all the toddler diseases in the world.

But, if you’re lucky, real lucky, she will also put cheeky shots of booze in your coffee. She will have a favourite drag queen and the capacity to discuss the subject for hours. She will notice your minuscule hair changes that are imperceptible to anyone else. She will offer lifts when you can’t face the bus. She won’t think less of you when she realises how much TV your toddler watches sometimes. And, although having kids will be what brought you together, it will only be one of the many, many things you have in common.


(In honour of my gorgeous, funny and very loved mummy friends)


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