When baby #2 project got tricky

This is a bit of a hard one for me to write. But not everything is pretty things and funny thoughts in this journey of ours, I guess. So here it goes.

My bearded half has just changed jobs and started flying again (he’s a pilot, I might add, not a bird!). We are also trying for baby number 2. Problem is, he’s now away for 17 days of the month. This in itself has been a huge adjustment. On top of that, his time at home was overlapping, just, with some of my fertile days. But this month, my cycle, which has been 28 days on the dot for the past many, many years, decided to jump to 34 days. Out of the blue. For no reason I can find. Of course I got all excited despite getting negative pregnancy tests. And subsequently crushed when, a week later, my period decided to show up. Now I’m completely lost about what’s happening with my cycle, but it looks like things will not overlap anymore for the foreseeable future. We really want another baby. And I don’t really want to wait ages, as I’m already 40 and had a tricky first pregnancy. We’re now considering what to do next. Maybe trying to manipulate my cycle with birth control or even sperm freezing and artificial insemination. I know I’m incredibly lucky to already have one child and a loving partner, and for us to be healthy and have a roof over our heads, when so many others don’t have some or any of these things. But still, today has been a low, low day. Hoping for a more cheerful tomorrow.



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  1. I am hoping for a more cheerful tomorrow for you too 🙂


    1. Thanks 🙂 The sun is shining, which always helps!!

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