Cheap dress hunting

Dresses. That is all my little girl will wear. Every single day, no matter the weather.

This is a fairly new development, as I always had her in practical but cute trousers and tops. That is, until she learned how to say the word “dress”. Nowadays, the only way I can get some use of her leggings, t-shirts and cardigans is as layering pieces, since a dress must always be part of the outfit. Or else the apocalypse will come.

To be fair to my little fashionista, I was also VERY particular about what I wanted to wear from a young age (the same falling apart white leather sandals, but no turtlenecks or jeans under any circumstances). And so I try to be sympathetic. The only rule is that it has to be weather appropriate.

As anyone with a toddler will know, there can be multiple outfit changes in a day, either because of dirt or because I MUST WEAR THE DRESS WITH THE BUNNIES RIGHT NOW SO I CAN TWIRL AS I ABSOLUTELY CANNOT TWIRL IN ANY OTHER DRESS. These days, I’m always on the hunt for cheap dresses and by cheap I mean under a fiver. Charity shops and mummy selling pages on Facebook are goldmines, but there are also some good options in online stores. Here are the under £5 dresses I have my eye on.


Dress @ H&M

Dress @ Asda

Dress @ Sainsbury’s 

Dress @ Tesco

Dress @ Forever Baby

Dress @ Peacocks



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