There is a certain sense of self that seems to get a bit lost once your first name becomes “Mummy” (seriously, even the train station dude called me that the other day). I love fashion, but how to avoid builder’s bum in my cute jeans at the playground? I’ve always been partial to a good party, but hangover with a toddler should be considered a weapon of war. Travelling is a longstanding passion, but even going for an overnight stay at “nana and grandpa” seems to require industrial levels of packing. And blogging. I used to love blogging. So here we are again 🙂

In a nutshell:

Brazilian born. UK based. Journalist and translator. Mum to a clever little girl. Girlfriend of a bearded pilot. Lover of wine, coffee, good food, pretty things, bargain hunting, drag queens, trashy TV and house parties. Not so keen on beetroot and bigots.